Sunday, January 23, 2011

i lost her train of thought/she lost my mind/she told that girl our entire story in 10minutes.

tonight Jess&I fluttered all over the streets we grew up around. we talked for hours about how everyone we've been to school with is separate&fragmented together at exactly the same time. everything is different.

we sit on concrete. dirty cigarette smoke clambers desperately, racing to lonely warehouse lighting surrounded by four empty, pale walls. and in the cold smiles chatter - while fingers persuasively slither around lukewarm papercups for a weary warmth - teeth whistle. scales of beating footsteps abandon our lull but we talk, still...
i inhale/ everything she says/ seeps in/ like delicate blue/ gradually/ deliberately/...i/our/y meyesss
mirrors shatter in the flames.
i told her what happened, y'know. almost all of it- there's only so long you can listen to it. that and the sound of my own voice is beginning to repulse me? sick.

i haven't written in so long it's as if he language has changed.
but soon, i'll have pictures to add to my days x

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