Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i drown in my sleep. asphyxiation.

most colours are gone and there is no conversation. and i think the sky could be dwindling? or i am drowning. but i know this all may dissolve.

scarlet blood blooming through smudged pale bandages clamp my neck (tied like a ribbon)(buckled like a belt). pins, needles. constrict and confine.. i can hear them puncture my skin- fragile silences. swirling around this chamber.
i don't notice. i don't care.
the colours are missing from your eyes. though, they still pierce through this colourless dim haze. murky clouds.
like glass, almost. shallow cracks so perfectly entwining, sewing you together. one by one they climb across you and as i i am watching them infect your body... crawling ruthlessly towards an exit they can't find. watching these greedy, brittle legs grow,, you're only a fraying doll that lays idle under the stairs.
they are eager, the parasites that hold your body... they can contaminate every thought. "take me away from here."

my red ribbons play beautiful tricks. &though you hold my mind, they keep my body from me.
a lonely girl twirling. a ballerina in a music box.
we live in cells. not chambers.

we never drown. we wish only we could.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog (it was awhile ago - I am sorry for not replying sooner).

    Your write such wonderful words. Those last lines are so haunting. Keep up the wonderful work!