Tuesday, February 22, 2011

these people dream of mahogany paneled walls lit by chandeliers...not this.

my apathetically twisted cigarettes slumped along that coffee table...barely lit.
pinpricks of orange escape. intolerable thick darkness, our heartbroken silence... is tolerable.
Cigarette smoke flutters an unattainable freedom. my head on your chest, i watch it coax, plead, tremble. seduction is so irretrievable. i can focus on only this: dissipating so delicately into darkness. helpless in isolation, though surrounded. again and again it withers, devoured merely by lonely shadows.
we are alone: isolated. so far removed from everything. there is only one another... and that dissoluble freedom - it dangles around us.

standing. to look at you alone was excruciating pain- the way the fabric hung from your body, your collarbones bursting from your body. you couldn't look less vacant. i couldn't even pry the blue i loved from your eyes. i was lifeless. &I realized, there was so little of us left it didn't matter that i didn't rush out of that room.
undressed: your fingers crawl across my body, until your arms absorb me whole. you adorn me... tarnished. sedated.
i float...and you deteriorate.

i don't hear her complain,
just begging whispers,
"shoot again".

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