Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red wine&sleeping pills help me get back to your arms/ cheap sex&sad films help me get back where I belong.

Dear Sir, I have a complaint:
while you make pretty speeches,
i'm being cut to shreds
as your bad day disappears
“i only stick with you
because there are no others”

your eyes are on my wall, your teeth are over there.
your voice is rapping on my window sill-

there are doors that let you in
and out
but never open...
i sat in the cupboard
and wrote it down in neat -
i promise to be good.
won't look in the mirror.
there'll be no more lies.

i get on the train and just stand
now that i don't think of You.
i keep falling over
i keep passing out when i see a face like You.
i'd really like to help you/ You forget so easy.

lay me down
my fake plastic love
kill me again with love,
'cause one day, i'm gonna grow wings,

i can feel death, can see it's beady eyes
our veins are thin &our rivers poisoned.
i've bled and I bleed to please you.
to the shadows blue and red.
but no matter what happens now
you shouldn't be afraid
(today has been the most perfect day I've ever seen)
all the children flew when I touched their hands

heat the pins and stab them in
there's such a chill,
Fifteen blows to the back of your head/
fifteen blows to your mind.
i'll laugh until my head comes off.
nobody wants to be a slave

anyone can play guitar and they won't be
nothing any more.
but my thoughts are misguided and a little naïve...
but I used to fly like Peter Pan.

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